Affordable Rates

Cook & Bake Center is the realistic, affordable alternative to building your own production kitchen. There are no monthly requirements or long-term contracts, allowing you the flexibility to rent as often as you need to. Both sections of our facility are priced the same! You can forget about hidden fees or bad surprises and focus instead on growing your food venture.

Catering & Food Production

$160first 4 hours
  • $40 for each additional hour
  • $30 per rack for frozen/refrigerated storage
  • All cleaning equipment is included

Classes & Private Events

$240first 4 hours
  • $60 for each additional hour
  • Limited storage available on premises
  • Also for available for photo/video shoots!
What if I need more time than what was originally scheduled?2024-03-24T05:46:59-04:00

If there are no other clients scheduled to work right after your shift, extending hours is as easy as letting giving us a call.

When is payment due and which forms of payment are accepted?2024-05-03T18:48:00-04:00

Payment is required at the end of the scheduled shift. Depending on the circumstances, payments may also be made in advance. We accept cash, checks, zelle, and credit card payments, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. (A surcharge of $5 will be added to all credit card payments.

Is there a limit on the number of hours I can work at Cook & Bake Center?2024-03-24T05:27:22-04:00

There is no maximum number of hours. The minimum is a four-hour shift.

Please note: Full payment covering the minimum four-hour shift is required even if you have used less time than the four hours allotted. Billing for the shift begins at the reserved time, not the time of arrival at our facility.

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