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Our Clients

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“I have been renting space at the  Cook & Bake Center for over a year and it has been a tremendous asset to my small business.  The center is clean, spacious and is stocked with all the tools and equipment that I need.  Its location is easily accessible from all areas of Westchester County.  I would highly recommend it.”

Natalie Johnson, Owner/Cake Designer

A World of Cakes, LLC

A World of Cakes

“Our Catering Business is so grateful to have found the Cook & Bake Center! The Cook & Bake Center is so convenient, clean, bright and just a pleasure to be at.  Everything is already there so there is no hassle carrying equipment to and from the kitchen. Working with Janine is always a pleasure and also much fun! Janine has always made it very easy and accommodating to do business there and with her. Her knowledge of the cooking world is such a benefit especially for us business owners. We look forward to a very long relationship with Janine and the center.”

Claudia Coviello, Owner

Savory Gourmet Catering

Savory Gourmet Catering

“As shared commercial kitchens go, the immaculately maintained Cook & Bake Center is in a class by itself. Thank you, Janine!!!”

Deb Magdalin
Deb's Farmhouse Kitchen
Certified gluten-free specialty foods

Deb's Farmhouse Kitchen
Bienvenue Catering
The Cook with Class
Bombay Emerald Chutney Company
Kontoulis Family Olive Grove
Real Food, Real Living
Just Friends Catering Services

“Bombay Emerald Chutney Company has been using Cook & Bake Center since June of 2010. We are very happy with the production of our products at Cook & Bake Center. The kitchen is clean and the administration is great. We feel as if we are cooking in our home.”

Nirmala Gupta

Bombay Emerald Chutney Company

“As a chef and culinary instructor, I have found the Cook & Bake Center to be a well planned, fully equipped and immaculate facility. The management is a dream to work with as they are more than accommodating and always demonstrate an amazing can do attitude. For the food professional, this entrepreneurial environment will be their key ingredient for success.”

Jonathan C. Taube

Certified Personal Chef

The Coffee Toffee Company

“When my partner and I started out our business we had such a hard time finding a commercial kitchen in Westchester. When we found the Cook & Bake Center, we knew it was the right fit. It has all the equipment you need, making your time in the kitchen more efficient. The Cook & Bake Center is a great place to cook.”

Joanna DeVita Aranda

Amanda Paquette Kupillas

Bienvenue Catering