Pricing Information

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At Cook & Bake Center we understand that a fixed schedule does not work for everybody in the food industry. This is why we have developed a “rent as you succeed” business model that grants the flexibility to be in sync with your production levels, class enrollment and seasonal order changes. You can schedule as many shifts required to satisfy your current demand. The convenience for you to work when you need to provides the perfect opportunity to run, develop and grow your business during regular and non-traditional business hours. There are no binding contracts, monthly fees or membership costs. You simply “rent as you succeed.” 

Renting Cook & Bake Center’s kitchen and/or bakery section requires a minimum four-hour shift starting at a flat rate of $120. Should you need more than four hours, each additional hour is $30.  Gluten-free production in the bakery requires a one-time $40 gluten-detection sample test; the four-hour shift is $125 and $32 an hour thereafter. Please call us for our rates for class instruction, parties or other group rentals. We offer storage in our walk in freezer for an additional fee. All the necessary cleaning supplies and sanitizing equipment is provided at no extra cost.

Cook & Bake Center’s shifts are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your preferred hours are not available we will work with you and find an alternative that suits your needs.